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Three things to do on your SUP

Fun & sun on your stand-up paddle

3 things to try out on your SUP

Are you already a pro at stand-up paddling? It’s time to take it up a level. Get ready for three tips for even more SUP fun.

In front of our Vista Lakefront Boutique Hotel, the water of the lake glitters beautifully. Perfect for a day with your stand-up paddle at Lake Maggiore! If you want to add extra fun factor to your SUP experience, here are three things that you absolutely have to try on your board. Ready, set, summer fun!

  1. Yoga on your board. Yoga routines on the SUP are an excellent full-body workout that also trains your sense of balance. And if something goes wrong, you’ll just land in the pleasant water!
  2. Picnic on the water. Prepare yourself a delicious snack and take it with you in a waterproof container, then paddle out onto the lake and stop at a lovely spot. Put your legs up and enjoy. Please don’t forget: Dispose of leftovers and waste properly on land.
  3. Meditate in the middle of the lake. We know that a change of perspective sometimes helps. What could be better than a few minutes of meditation with an amazing view of the azure blue of the lake? Breathe in, breathe out, let go.

See you soon in Ascona!

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