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Adventures on two wheels

Bike adventures at Lake Maggiore

Panoramic trails and stunning scenery

The scenic landscape around Lake Maggiore is ideal for biking. We’ll share three fantastic routes with you.

Passionate mountain bikers simply can’t resist the temptation of exploring the varied valleys and mountains around Lake Maggiore. We’d like to share three mountain bike tours with you that we think simply have to go on your bucket list.

Let’s begin right at our hotel in Ascona, Switzerland, where you’ll find a challenging circular tour during which you’ll conquer some 41 kilometres. The route begins at the port in Ascona and leads you through the idyllic mountain village of Rasa in Centovalli. Afterwards, the panoramic trail continues towards peaceful Lake Palagnedra. This tour lets experienced bikers cover an elevation difference of some 1,430 metres.

The town of Locarno is located just a few minutes away from our hotel. From there, a leisurely, approx. 20-kilometre-long trail leads to Intragna and then on to Golina. As the only ascent is via an asphalted road and the route is otherwise level, it’s ideal for beginners. On the way, you can explore a narrow educational trail that leads to a viewpoint, from where you’ll enjoy a fantastic view of the lake.

The Verzasca circular route, which begins in Tenero, is a more challenging mountain bike tour and requires an excellent level of fitness. In around 4.5 hours, the route leads you alongside pretty rivers and offers you a fantastic view of Lake Maggiore and the picturesque Tenero-Contra.

Inspiration from the lake and mountains

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