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Rainy days in the St. Tropez of Switzerland?

Perfect for culture, indulgence, and romance

We’ve heard there are people who look out of the window of their hotel room at the rain and then sigh and pull the covers back over their heads. That’s one option.
However, Ticino – and particularly Ascona – offers a whole host of attractions and activities that are ideal for rainy days.
With absolutely no pressure to go outside into the sunshine.


Ascona is a town that has attracted artists since time immemorial – and continues to do so today.
And the town’s art scene is as varied as you’d expect.
Carefully selected artworks are waiting to be discovered in the galleries in the town.
Armed with an umbrella, you can stroll from one art boutique to the next and admire the works of Swiss and international artists as well as pictures, sculptures, and installations from 1900 to the present day.

Rainy days at our boutique hotel on Lake Maggiore


Just imagine this scene: Soft raindrops patter against the large windows, you’re sitting at a lovingly decorated table, the attentive member of the service team brings you the fish of the day and fillets the masterfully prepared dish right before your eyes.
You lift your glass of delicious white wine and toast to the special moment with your companion.
Does that sound perfectly indulgent?
At al Pontile restaurant, each visit transforms into a celebration of the good things in life.

Have we whet your appetite?

Rainy days at our boutique hotel on Lake Maggiore


Do you fancy pulling the duvet over your head and leaving the world outside your door for a few hours?
In the suites and rooms at our boutique hotel by Lake Maggiore, a day of snuggles is even snugglier.
Cosy beds, large windows, and natural materials make your room an unbelievably comfortable hideaway for a romantic rainy day on Lake Maggiore.
Does that sound like pure luxury?

You deserve it.

Rainy days at our boutique hotel on Lake Maggiore

Inspiration from the lake and mountains

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