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Carnival in Locarno

La Stranociada: Carnival fun

More than just a celebration

Discover a much-loved Ticino tradition.

Switzerland is known as the land of the Alps, chocolate, and cheese. And skiing, of course. But did you know that skiing and winter sports aren’t all you can enjoy here in winter? Swiss people are also known for their great love of Carnival. It’s a time of merry-making, colourful costumes, and lively, upbeat celebrations. In Locarno, which is around a 15-minute drive away from Vista Lakefront Boutique Hotel, all of Ticino comes together to celebrate La Stranociada from 26 to 28 January.

It’s a real feast for the eyes, ears, and palate! Get swept up in the vibrant atmosphere and sample the delicious local lake specialities. With views of the Brissago islands and Locarno’s beautiful old town, you can look forward to a colourful time filled with laughter and joy on the shore of Lake Maggiore. Get ready for unforgettable moments and a unique cultural experience – and make sure you don’t forget one thing:
Enjoy the view!

Inspiration from the lake and mountains

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